Whether in still illustration or animated film, I am concerned with stories of monsters and the monstrous. My ideal image is one that seems, at first, to enrapture viewers with beauty, detail, symbol, only to reveal a more nightmarish visage underneath.

My largely narrative work often deals in mythological and occult allusions, using them to explore the sometimes darker historical and political terrain of our contemporary world. Thematically, aesthetically, and in technical practice, the pieces I create fuse the archaic with the modern, illuminating crumbling ruins with digital light. I draw on paper; I paint digitally; I animate by hand and with a tablet. It is my goal that the results belong to both worlds, and to neither.

Working in a hybrid of traditional and digital techniques likewise suits me as someone who explores liminal identity. To me, the grey areas of perception, morality, gender, and even physical form, are the most rich with potential for storytelling.

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